The words homeless & Veteran should never be used within the same sentence.
​​Operation Hug A Veteran (OHAV) is a self-funded non-profit organization established on 01 January 2016, with a nationwide mission of providing care packages, bus passes, novels, books, magazines, canned goods, new/gently used clothing, free haircuts, bedding, kitchenware, and letters of encouragement to homeless Veterans living in urban areas as well as those that reside in transitional and permanent housing solutions supported by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. OHAV is founded by a U.S. Army Disabled Veteran & co-founded by a U.S. Army Active Duty Soldier. Members of the National Coalition for the Homeless. Partnered with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs & the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans to end Veteran homelessness. Inspired by our adoption journey & Mrs. Elizabeth "The Hug Lady" Laird. 

A simple hug, in honor of "The Hug Lady", is always given.

Operation Hug A Veteran (OHAV) is committed to providing homeless Veterans with care packages, bus passes, novels, books, magazines, canned goods, new/gently used clothing, free haircuts, bedding, kitchenware, letters of encouragement, and encouraging them to seek VA support in hopes of reducing the homeless Veteran epidemic.

​We at Operation Hug A Veteran are committed to meet with critically ill homeless Veterans in local VA hospitals, local hospice facilities, and in turn, will attend their funerals so they will never be alone. Their funerals will be broadcasted throughout social media in hopes of attendance. This program will run fully in every OHAV Headquartered local area.

Mrs. Elizabeth "The Hug Lady" Laird Veteran Home.

We are proud to announce that a new homeless Veteran home is in the works for the Fort Hood area - the Mrs. Elizabeth "The Hug Lady" Laird Veteran Home established by Operation Hug A Veteran!

Operation Hug A Veteran will purchase the Mrs. Elizabeth "The Hug Lady" Laird Veteran Home in the Fort Hood/Killeen area of Texas in December 2018. This home will support 3-5 homeless female Veterans and their children by providing rent & utilities free of cost for two years as the Veterans establish their families with jobs, education, etc. provided by VA support.

Just like non-profit organization Operation Hug A Veteran, the Mrs. Elizabeth "The Hug Lady" Laird Veteran Home will be established in honor of the Fort Hood Hug Lady.

Please follow the OHAV donation link to help this cause of supporting homeless female Veterans and their children. Our goal is $150K which will cover the cost of the home, furniture, and beds for the Veterans and their children. The home will be painted yellow and a plaque in place with recognition of The Hug Lady during a grand opening in 2019!​

Ask how to support a homeless Veteran by becoming an OHAV Advocate!

Homeless Americans

More than 500,000 people - a quarter of them children - are homeless in the United States.

Homeless Veterans

8.6% (close to 50,000) of the homeless population in America are U.S. Armed Forces Veterans. The majority of homeless Veterans served in combat during Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, & Afghanistan wars.

Female Homeless Veterans

Often forgotten within the majority, 9% of the homeless Veteran population in America are female U.S. Armed Forces Veterans. Majority served in combat during the Iraq & Afghanistan wars.